Epiphany 2013

Update on domestic emergencies after a hectic week.

I'm very relieved that I am able to have borrowed a computer and am finally online again.
The leak in the roof has been temporarily patched up, and I am awaiting work for a permanent new flat roof  over my kitchen and the central heating and hot water supply are back on !!

So here we go again..... 

Scripture readings for this Sunday's Mass for The Feast of The Epiphany are here.

Nice reflection here

                                                                        Image source

Previous reflections from 2010 are here and click here for a post on the feast of Epiphany from the Vatican Space Observatory from 2012.

My post for 2012 with some reflections on Le point Vierge and the Epiphany is here

My post on Magi and the ships of the desert from 2011 is here.

T.S. Eliot reads Journey of The Magi

In 1964 the Italian film director, Pier Paolo Pasolini  gave us the superlative "The Gospel According to St. Matthew."

 Click here for my post from 2010 and I have reposted below the video extract from the film showing the Epiphany, the return of the Magi back home via a different route, led by the angel Gabriel and then the flight into Egypt. It has English subtitles.

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