How Not To Interpet Vatican II

This is an excellent article titled "Misdirections", by John W. O’Malley, S.J in the most recent edition of America Magazine.

His introduction states :
"It is not easy to interpret any great event, so it is not surprising that today there is disagreement about how to interpret the Second Vatican Council. 
Here, I want to turn the issue around to indicate how not to interpret it. (Of course, astute readers will see that this is just a sneaky way of making positive points.) 

Some of these principles are, in fact, of direct concern only to historians or theologians. 

The issues that underlie them, however, should be of concern to all Catholics who cherish the heritage of the council. 

These 10 negative principles are simply a backhanded way of reminding ourselves of what is at stake in the controversies over the council’s interpretation. "

John is a University professor in the theology department at Georgetown University, and author of The First Jesuits and What Happened at Vatican II (Harvard Univ. Press).

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