Something from Taize with Sieger Koder

There are some beautiful reflections this week from Taize short meditations
and I've chosen some Sieger Koder's images to go with them.

You can read more on this remarkable artist from here

"With almost nothing, above all through the gift of our lives, the Risen Christ desires that both fire and Spirit be made perceptible in us. 

(10) However poor we may be, let us not quench the fire, let us not quench the Spirit. (11)

 In them, the wonder of a love bursts into flame. And the humble trusting of faith is communicated like fire spreading from one person to the next. (10. Matthew 3:11
11. 1 Thessalonians 5:19)

Sieger Koder : The breaking of the bread 
Image source

From the time of the apostles, the Virgin Mary, and the first believers, there has been a call to live in great simplicity and to share.

 One of the pure joys of the Gospel is to go further and further toward a simplicity of heart that leads to a simplicity of living.

Simplifying never means choosing an ice-cold austerity, without kind-heartedness, filled with judgments upon those who do not take the same road.

If simplicity of life became equated with gloom, how could it lead us to the Gospel?

 The spirit of simplicity shines through in signs of serene joy, and also in cheerfulness of heart. 

Simplifying invites us to arrange what little we have in creation's simple beauty."

 Sieger Koder 

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