Update On Conclaves and The Like

There's all sorts of information and debate in the Catholic social media on the looming conclave to elect the new Pope and I know the next few weeks will be overwhelming as we await to find out who will be the next man to fill the shoes of the fisherman.

Soon the papabili will be heading off to Rome.

Strange breeds called Vaticanologists are appearing everywhere and somewhere along the way I picked up this timely quote : "There is a saying among Vaticanologists: He who enters the conclave as Pope, leaves it as a Cardinal." 

***Update :John Allen's recent article here suggests this is a myth.

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I guess that's why we need constantly reminders that God and the ever playful, capricious Holy Spirit is at work in all of this.

There are endless articles on church topics around change; the need for change, the justification for change or stasis. There are bad days lately when I've been feeling there should be a major paradigm shift, somewhere along the lines of "Ctr Alt Delete" and maybe start the whole shebang from scratch.

Here's a round up of just a few things that caught my eye.
Written list of cardinals who can vote in the conclave from here


  • Conclave Rituals Oaths and Secrecy explained here.


  • The three-man commission of inquiry into the Vatileaks scandal is to divulge the contents of their report - which has so far been bound by pontifical secrecy during the general congregations on the next Pope’s election. At three hundred pages long and with theories about its contents that range from blackmailing of gay priests to financial irregularities that should be worth a read. Article from Vatican Insider here.
     **** The latest update on this is that it will now be seen by only two people — Pope Benedict XVI and the man who succeeds him.
  • Article in Irish Times by Diarmaid MacCullough from here and an interesting rejoinder to it here.
  • Vatican Feuds, Fiefdoms Betrayals Await The New Pope article here.
  • Fr John Predmore S.J. has posted two articles on Reforming the Vatican, written by Tom Reese and published in Commonweal in April 25, 2008, describing what is necessary for Vatican Reform. You can read Part 1 here and Part 2 here.
  • Cardinal Walter Kasper has recently called for creation of a new office of deaconness. Article and ensuing discussion here. 
  • Scottish Cardinal Keith O'Brien is pushing for end to mandatory celibacy for priests - Article here. The new Pope will have to deal with the shortage of priests and decide whether to allow marriage as an option for priests - Good article here 
    More on ministry of women. Articles here and here.
    Claire at A Seat At The Table posts Jan Phillips piece If I Were a Pope.

    A little video humour to brighten the way: "How To Become Pope", with these inaccuracies in the report pointed out by Paul Inwood in the comments at Pray Tell. "(a) The Apostolic Nuncio does not send just one name to Rome but three.(b) It’s the Congregation for Bishops, not the Congress of Bishops. BTW, the commentator does not mention what happens when the name of a prospective bishop nominated by the Congregation for Bishops is intercepted on its way to the pope and another name is substituted, as happened in a recent well-known case." ( I didn't know that !!)

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