Update Bere Island Holy Week Retreat Webcasts Fr. Laurence Freeman 2013


For anyone who missed these live video webcasts they have now been archived and are all available to view by clicking here.
 Thanks to Fr. Laurence and his team for making this wonderful resource freely available.

A reminder that the Bere Island Holy Week Retreat Live Webcasts start tomorrow on Palm Sunday. 

These will be led by Fr. Laurence Freeman OSB.

World Community for Christian Meditation
World Community for Christian Meditation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The following is taken from the World Community for Christian Meditation WCCM website.
This year everybody will be able to write real time comments that will be displayed on the twitter box under the webcast player.

The only requirement to post comments/questions will be to have a free twitter acount. Go HERE to create a free Twitter account

Every talk can also be viewed using your smartphone or tablet. Most of them should work. In case of problems like the video not starting try to  reload the page.

If you want to be notified shortly before the beginning of each talk let us know updating your profile and selecting "Yes I want to receive Webcast notifications"

We hope you will enjoy our webcast!


The WCCM Team 

More information here and the 2011 / 2012 retreat video archives can also be viewed.

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