Fifth Sunday Lent 2013 Reflections Woman Caught In Adultery

Scripture readings for today's Mass are here.

It's also the Feast of St Patrick. See post here.

 The first reading from Isaiah meshes well with many hopes this week.

The Gospel from John is the parable of the woman caught in adultery.

My previous reflections on this Gospel are from 2010 here and from 2011 click here.

" Is there no-one left to condemn you ?
 Then neither do I ? 
 Go and from now on do not sin any more."
When we have the nerve to look up and our accusers are gone we can see God looking at us in mercy and compassion. 

OK the obvious next question is "What if we go away and keep sinning ? "

I do not know but the repentant thief on the cross in his last breath was saved, the life of the woman at the well with five previous husbands was transformed.

A couple of weeks  ago I posted on the work of Jesuit Fr. Greg Boyle and his work with gang members in Los Angeles in the Homeboy Industry here. 

Reading the transcript of the interview with Fr. Boyle again today alongside the Scripture readings for this Sunday reminds me to acknowledge my own failures when it comes to drawing lines of judgement against others and encourages me to try again and again to find compassion.

Through Christ and the examples of other people who offer compassion to those deemed outsiders, on the other side of some flawed and humanly devised line of division, we are always given hope. 
Across the " ins and outs" of shame and guilt that accompany all of us for whatever reason throughout our lives, we can learn to redraw hard and fast lines of exclusion to give a chance of renewed hope to ourselves and others.
Christ shows us how we can find new and different pathways in the deserts and wilderness of  judgement, regret and shame. He offers us all to be lead to refreshing streams in the wastelands of past failures and sin.

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