Hans Kung On Pope Francis

At the start of the conclave, my post here, featured an interview at CBC Radio between Michael Enright and the Catholic theologian, Hans Küng, about the current crisis in the Catholic Church and the need for reform and liberalisation. 
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Deutsch: Hans Küng in Hechingen am 2. März 2009
Deutsch: Hans Küng in Hechingen am 2. März 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
At that time, Hans Küng was not very optimistic that the current Cardinal electors would choose a reform-minded Pope, but he also said that he hoped some Cardinals would have the courage to speak up.
So click here to listen to a fascinating follow up to that initial interview - Hans Küng once again speaks to Michael Enright from his office in Tubingen, Germany, but this time his thoughts are on the newly elected Pope Francis. (Duration 10 minutes)

Kung explains his positive response on hearing the announcement that the name of the new Pope was the Jesuit Cardinal Bergoglio,voices some of his concerns for the future and outlines the key issues facing the new Pope.  Wow !!
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Richard Jayden Cameron said...

Synchronicity! I just posted on this, as well as link to Der Spiegel interview with Leonardo Boff saying Pope Francis recently 'approved gay couple adopting child." Would love to hear more about that one. It's almost too much to keep up with, running out of breathe. But the comparisons to John XXIII just keep coming, though perhaps we (me) should stop and take a breath for a moment.