Love The One

Sometimes the powerful message of Holy Week can overwhelm me, so I like these two poems as a reminder that even if I can just be present to one person this week and do the small things well, it's OK.

Sometimes we need someone to simply be there.
Not to fix anything,
or to do anything in particular
but just to let us feel
that we are cared for and supported.

 Image sources Precious World FB

 From FB Ecumenicus page.

Maybe we make it too hard,
this dream of perfect community.

I say
love the one.

Love the one neighbour well.
Look out over the railroad tracks

where the wasted and broken souls
shuffle, always alone, through the snow,

and then come home to the face of your friend,
to those whose deepest wish is for you to be, at last,

nothing but yourself,
and give thanks, one friend at a time,

one neighbour at a time
while we grow,

flower by flower, 
into the garden of God.

George Perreault

The image below is hardly a typical Spring scene ,but that's the weather we've been saddled with, here this week in some parts of the UK

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