Stations Of The Cross Holy Week Resources 2013

Stations Of The Cross resource links shown separately below for easy access

Thinking Faith, The Online Journal Of The British Jesuits, has these reflections by scripture scholar Nicholas King S.J. on the Stations of the Cross.  

Click here for Parts 1-2
Parts 3-6 are here 
Parts 7-10 are here
Parts 11-14 are here

Pray As You Go Stations Of the Cross Reflections here

From Christine Sine At Godspace, nine new links to Stations Of The Cross from various parts of the world shown below.....

  • Cityside Baptist church in Auckland New Zealand has held an exhibit of contemporary icons to reflect on at Easter for a number of years. The photos shown were taken at their 2002 and 2004 presentations.
From Middle East and Sudan - 

  • Here is a heartrending presentation of the stations of the Cross using images of refugees from Iraq and Sudan as spectators and participants.  (The stations of the Cross are down the side of the post)

From South America

  • very powerful presentation of the stations from the perspective of liberation theology by Adolfo Pérez Esquivel of Argentina. I think this one will be extra popular this year !!
From Asia

From Africa

  •  Hekima College, Nairobi, Kenya. The designs were created by Father Angelbert M. Vang SJ from Yaoude, from the Cameroon who was a well-known historian, poet, musician and designer and executed by a Kenyan artist.This is a poignant reminder of those who struggle daily to carry crosses we cannot even imagine.
From U.K.

  • This Stations of the Cross series by Chris Gollon was commissioned by the Church of England for the Church of St John on Bethnal Green, in East London. Gollon took the unusual step of using his own son as the model for Jesus, his daughter as Mary, and his wife as Veronica. Fr Alan Green is cast as Nicodemus, and David Tregunna (Gollon’s friend and agent) as Joseph of Arimathea. The juxtaposition of real figures with imagined ones creates a heightened sense of reality. I think that the images are both compelling and powerful.

  • Stations of The Cross Video Selection here.
  • From Belief Net, a Flash narration of Jesus' passion and death, with illustrations and relevant prophetic verses from the Old and Testament.  Click here
  • Praying The Stations of The Cross : short stark and simple but beautiful charcoal illustrations by Duk Soon . Click here.
  • Thoughtful and moving reflections from Jean Debruynne, Benedictine Order . Click here.
  • Loyola Press have a series on the Seven Last Words of Christ on The Cross here
  • My own post just with illustrations and the Seven Words for your own reflections are here.
  • Edge of Enclosure has reflections and prayers on The Passion here


  • Taize Chants/videos here

  • Kyrie Eleison Chants / Music Videos here

  • Classical Music Selection for Holy Week here

  • Contemporary Music Holy Week here 
  • Full Archive of my 2012 Lenten posts here.
  •  Helpful Readings and Commentaries For Holy Week here
  • Seven Last Words on The Cross here 

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