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This article from Good Friday's Telegraph centres on some of the so called "facts" behind the programme. I was going to watch it, but if it is just another rehash on the contested Gnostic Gospels and scraps of paper I don't think I'll bother.

Brooklyn Museum - Mary Magdalene at the Feet o...
Brooklyn Museum - Mary Magdalene at the Feet of Jesus - James Tissot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
On Good Friday at 12 noon UK time on BBC TV, Melvin Bragg attempts to unravel the many questions surrounding one of the Bible's most enigmatic and controversial figures: Mary Magdalene. 

The BBC website blurb says "In the gospel accounts, Mary Magdalene plays a central role in the Easter story. She is there at the cross when Jesus is crucified and she is the key witness to the resurrection. 

So why, despite no reference to it in the Bible, is Mary Magdalene remembered by so many primarily as the seductive prostitute whom Christ redeems?

Melvyn uncovers the real story behind Mary Magdalene's legendary status, from her vital role in the first centuries of Christianity to her portrayal in Jesus Christ Superstar and the Da Vinci Code."

Click here for a two minute video clip from the programme. Looks interesting.

Also, a reminder that the BBC Radio 4 Lenten talks are in the final week on the theme of abandonment. Click here
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