Update Cardinal Keith O'Brien Admits and Apologises for Sexual Misconduct

  • Cardinal Keith O'Brien admits and apologises for sexual misconduct (guardian.co.uk)

  • Scottish Catholic Media Office released this statement today (4.03.13)
 from Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, Archbishop of Glasgow and Apostolic
Administrator of the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh who will celebrate
Mass tonight (Monday 4 March) at St Andrew's Cathedral in Glasgow at a
pre-scheduled Lent Station Mass.

In his sermon he will make reference to the current difficulties facing
the Catholic Church in Scotland.  The relevant extracts from his sermon

"This is a sad moment for the Church in our country. The events around
Cardinal O’Brien, his resignation, his statement of yesterday, have left
us all very sad for everyone involved and for the Church. I have been
asked to administer the Archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh until a
new Archbishop is appointed, and I will do my very best to help in this
difficult time.

Many reproaches have been aimed at the Church and at individuals over
this matter. The most stinging charge which has been levelled against us
in this matter is hypocrisy, and for obvious reasons. I think there is
little doubt that the credibility and moral authority of the Catholic
Church in Scotland has been dealt a serious blow, and we will need to
come to terms with that.

So what can I say to offer us hope? Well, in the first place, a new
Pope will be elected in the coming weeks, and that will be certainly be
a wonderful moment of hope and joy for the Church throughout the world,
for since Pope Benedict announced his resignation and since he stepped
down, we sensed the absence of Peter among us. But the Lord will again
give us Peter, the rock,  who will confirm his brothers and sisters in
their faith in Jesus Christ...

And this sad time for the Catholic Church in Scotland will also pass.
We will endure it with prayer and patience and hope. We will not forget
for a long time, but we will heal and we will carry on. We will draw
what conclusions and lessons we can from it and, if anything, we will
learn to trust even more fully in Jesus Christ who is alone the Lord of
the Church

As for the Church’s mission in our country, yes our credibility and
moral authority have been undermined. It will take time, perhaps a long
time to recover these intangible but important realities. But we cannot
be defeatist. The answer to this sad episode is not to throw in the
towel. We need, rather, to renew our faithfulness to Jesus Christ and to
go about our business humbly.

Remember that we are not alone as a Church. We are in communion with
the See of Peter and with the whole Catholic Church. We are in communion
with the Church throughout history. We are in communion with the saints
in heaven. Through that communion, we will draw strength from Jesus
Christ in whom we trust"

Note : Archbishop Tartaglia will not be available for interview."

  •  NCR Report today Monday 4.03.13 and ensuing comments from here.
See my previous relevant posts from last week below 

This is a follow up article in this Saturday's Guardian ( 02.03.13) on Archbishop Keith O'Brien, by the reporter Catherine Deveney, who dealt with the story from the beginning.
Extract below:
 "The coming to light of these tales is a positive development. "Methinks the lady doth protest" is a well worn cliche, but from here on in, those who seek to cover their own guilty tracks by the uncharitable nature of their words know that a watching public is getting wiser to some of the unfortunate mind games that have been played out over the decades."

  •  From the BBC World Service Series, Hard Talk , Zeinab Badawi speaks challengingly to Father Bernard Lynch, one of a few openly gay Catholic priests. How will the church recover from these embarrassing blows at a time of historic transition? Excellent Video interview can be seen by clicking here. 

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