What's The Conclave Story, Morning Glory ?

Are you feeling in a sort of spiritual fuzz, or maybe suffering from an overdose of Vatican splendour and ceremony ? 

Are you suffering from withdrawal effects now that the Cardinals are sequestered from the world and no longer visible or audible ?

Are you in a miasmic scarlet haze after today's full on news and media coverage of the Conclave ? 

The gentle irony of this cartoon by Chappatte from Le Temps (Geneva) made me smile...

In this strange hiatus and lacuna of waiting for the outcome, this Interregnum report from Commonweal magazine today has an interesting mix of views to ponder, including the comments section.

Meanwhile, I can tell you a strange dream I had last night. 

Somewhere in the bowels of the Sistine Chapel someone had left a side door open and this is what I saw....
 It's not likely to happen in my lifetime
but it's a nice vision to hold onto for the future. 

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