Emmaus Hymns

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The first video is not the best quality recording of a lovely hymn, but I could only find two versions on You Tube and this was the better of the two.

Two Were Bound For Emmaus


Two were bound for Emmaus, 
disheartened and lost; 
all their hope for the future 
had been nailed to a cross. 
Love unknown then walked beside them, 
come back from the dead, 
and they knew he was risen in the
breaking of bread.

On the Sea of Tiberius, 
when the night was nearly gone
 and their toil seemed so useless,
 not one fish had they caught, 
from the shore the stranger called to them;
 "Cast your net, friends, once more." 
And they filled it to bursting, 
but the net was not torn. 

  Then they knew it was Jesus 
and they hastened in to shore; 
bread and fish for their breakfast
 from the hands of their Lord.
 "O Peter, if you love me
 you must care for my sheep;
 if you follow your Shepherd,
 then a shepherd you'll be."

When the road makes us weary, 
when our labour seems but loss, 
when the fire of faith weakens
 and too high seems the cost, 
let the Church turn to its risen Lord,
 who for us bore the cross, 
and we'll find our hearts burning
 at the sound of his voice.

In The Breaking Of The Bread

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