Easter Psalm and Tango for Spring

It's April and Spring is coming soon ( Yes it is !! ) 

Now that we have an Argentinian Pope, I thought it would be nice to find some tango music. This one is a bit scratchy, but it fits nicely.

This tango SPRING SONG (Chanson de printemps in French is a tango version of the classical Frühlingslied composed by the German author Felix Mendelssohn in 1842. 

Tito Fuggi was a French conductor who began his successful career playing accordion in the tango Orchestra from Argentina conducted by the famous Francisco Canaro during a world tour, and later became conductor of his own group.
Images are of art relating to Spring across many different centuries and St Francis features too.  

Blessings and hope you all enjoy your weekend !!

The sequence of images : 

Giotto, Miracle of the Spring in Assisi, 
LIMBOURG brothers, Mars, Avril, Chantilly, France
Flemish MINIATURIST, Grimani Breviary: March, April, Venice, Italy
Master Wenceslas, April , Eagle tower Trento Italy
Abel GRIMMER, , Spring, in Antwerp 
GIULIO ROMANO River Landscape with Springs, in Mantua,
 Botticelli, Allegory of Spring, 
Florence Jean-François MILLET, Spring, in Paris ( France)

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