Tuesday Octave of Easter 2013 Noli Me Tangere

 Enlarged Scene from Giotto's Noli Me Tangere (1320's), Magdalene Chapel
 Lower Church, San Francesco, Assisi

Noli me tangere. Fresco in Lower Basilica in A...

Scripture readings for today's Mass are here

Click here for my reflections for this Gospel from 2012 .

Alexander Ivanov - Noli Me Tangere  (1834-35)

Below is the vibrant icon by artist Silvia Dimitrova, of the meeting between Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

Silvia's website is here.

Its accompanying poem, titled Rabbouni by Graham Kings is here

Today's Psalm 33- I will Bless the Lord
 By "The Monks of Simonopetras Monastery"Mount Athos.

Modern Icon of "Noli Me Tangere" by Deacon Matthew D. Garrett

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