Update Video Debate on The Catholic Church

This debate is available on You Tube.
It lasts one hour.

If you click on the video you have to scroll through to about 29 mins when it actually starts !!
It was live streamed from Sadlers Wells Theatre London via video this Wednesday 24th April 7-8 pm UK time - also available by tuning in on the Versus Google+ and versus.intelligencesquared.com channels. 

The Motion debated is "The Catholic Church is Beyond Redemption : Pope Francis Cannot Save It."

Speakers for The Motion 

Dr Ronan McCrea, Barrister, Human Rights expert and critic of the Catholic Church, whose research carries a particular emphasis on fundamental rights, secularism and the relationship between law and religion in liberal democracies. He often litigates before the European Court of Human Rights

Colm O'Gorman,Outspoken critic of the Catholic Church. He launched a prominent legal case against the institution in 1998, which he documented in his memoir Beyond Belief: Abused by His Priest. Betrayed by His Church. The Story of the Boy Who Sued the Pope

Speakers against the motion
Fr. James Alison, Catholic theologian, priest and author. He is known for his re-casting of basic Christianity, and his interventions in Church life as an openly gay man. He currently works as itinerant preacher, lecturer and retreat giver.

Peter Stanford Catholic theologian, journalist and broadcaster and former editor of the Catholic Herald. He now writes for The Telegraph, The Independent and The Observer.

Jonathan Freedland Guardian columnist, author and broadcaster

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