Catholicism in The Media Mark Lawson Annual Digby Stuart Lecture

Click here for the full text of Mark Lawson's interesting lecture on the Representation of Catholicism in broadcast media and popular culture,"originally titled “From Brideshead Revisited to Benedict Resigned ”, delivered for the Digby Stuart Annual Lecture at the University of Roehampton, on 16 May.

An abridged version of this lecture appeared in this week’s print edition of The Tablet.

Mark Lawson is a journalist, specialising in the arts and culture. As a freelance journalist he’s written for The Times and The Independent, and since 1995 has written a column for The Guardian

He currently presents BBC Radio 4’s flagship programme, Front Row. In addition to his work in journalism and broadcast media, Mark has written five books, both fiction and non-fiction, and has written several radio plays. He is also theatre critic for the Tablet. 

Click here for his own Guardian article in 2006 titled My Life As A Catholic Jew.

I think a follow up lecture on the treatment of Catholicism in social media platforms would be interesting.

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