One Hundred Days of Pope Francis Ad Multos Annos !

Some articles that give a pretty interesting and informative summary of the impact of the first one hundred days of the papacy under Pope Francis are below..

Click here for one by John Allen J, Senior Correspondent at NCR magazine

Click here for one by John Carr at America Magazine 

Click here for a PBS programme to revisit their story on St. Francis of Assisi and the pope earlier in the year.

Click here for an article from New Ways Ministry, "Is Pope Francis Shaping A More Positive Catholic Discourse on LGBT Issues ?

“Christ is a true revolutionary and we are revolutionaries of this revolution, because we walk on the path of the greatest transformation in the history of mankind. A Christian, if he is not a revolutionary, in this time, he is not a Christian!”
– Pope Francis, speaking Monday at the opening of the Diocese of Rome congress.

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