Chance or Necessity ?

I've been quite taken by this sentence below, which I came across by chance, or maybe necessity ?? :-))

It is dedicated to St. Ignatius on a symbolic epitaph included in a work of nearly a thousand pages, the Imago primi saeculi Societatis Iesu,: "Image of The First Century Of The Society of Jesuits," which was published by the Jesuits to celebrate its centenary in 1640.

It also appears as an epigraph in Hölderlin’s Hyperion ,which is taken from the epitaph on the tombstone of St. Ignatius of Loyola -
Non coerceri maximo, contineri minimo, divinum est.
"Not to be confined by the greatest, yet to be contained within the smallest, is divine."
           So I'm thinking that's more than enough for a flying start to this week
          and I'd also like to express thanks for the sunshine Lord. It's wonderful !!

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