Update Friday Fish July 2013 -The Encyclical Of Two Popes

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Pope Francis will publish his first encyclical, Lumen Fidei ,“The Light of Faith” today.

Benedict XVI drafted the encyclical before his retirement and Pope Francis has reworked and completed the draft.
The encyclical will focus on the subject of faith and its publication is one of the major events of the Year of Faith, which ends on November 24.The Encyclical of the Two Popes : conceived and almost entirely written by Joseph Ratzinger. Completed and signed by Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Four extracts from "Lumen Fidei," published on July 5, 2013can be read here.

Talking of light, large parts of the UK could be about to experience something called "summer". This tongue in cheek BBC video tells us what to expect....

 Worth bookmarking

This free video live webcast will be from London on 9th-10th July from Meditatio, the outreach centre of The World Community of Meditation on the theme of justice
  •  "In a society that is increasingly dependent on legislation to define its values and run its institutions, what is happening to justice?
  •  How do we know what is the right thing to do? How do we handle conflict with those who think differently from ourselves? 
  •  How do we deal with people who do wrong things?
The answers to these questions not only take us to the heart of our legal and social systems but to the heart of our very selves. The Seminars will explore the spiritual dimension of justice revealed in all these responses and will be chaired by Fr.Laurence Freeman, Benedictine monk and Director of The World Community for Christian Meditation.


Just to let you know that the five part video series of short interviews with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle of the Phillipines,is now complete and can be accessed here.

It is also permanently available on the side bar of my blog. Look out for this image.

From the BBC Radio this week.. If you get the chance to listen to this programme, "Build Me A Brain "from the BBC World Service it is awesome and a little scary too. Some people may even hold the view that the present state of much human brain functioning is in radical need of an overhaul; whether this is the way forward is debatable. My own view is that humanity has more of a heart problem.

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