Remembering Cardinal Carlo Martini, SJ – First Anniversary of Death

Today is a time to give thanks for a great man.

Former archbishop of Milan and cardinal Carlo ...
Former archbishop of Milan and cardinal Carlo Maria Martini at don Luigi Verzé's 90th birthday event, Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Pope Francis on Friday met with Father Carlo Casalone , provincial of the Society of Jesus for Italy, who was accompanying members of the “Fondazione Carlo Maria Martini” on the occasion of the first anniversary of the death of the famous Cardinal Archbishop of Milan, who died on August 31, 2012. The foundation was established to preserve his legacy.
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During the brief meeting, Pope Francis recounted his memories of the late Cardinal, in particular his address on faith and justice during the 1974 General Congregation of the Jesuits.
Pope Francis called him a prophet of peace, and encouraged the Foundation in its work, recalling the duty of children to their fathers. He called Cardinal Martine a father in the Church, not only for his diocese, but for countless people.
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“We, at the ends of the world,” said Pope Francis, “received from him a great contribution to biblical knowledge, but also because of his spirituality and life of faith, were nourished by the Word of God.”

 Pope Francis welcomed the administration council for the Carlo Maria Martini foundation, on the day of he passed away one year ago. During the audience, the Pope highlighted the spiritual paternity that Cardinal Martini had on the Church.   

“It has been a spiritual paternity for all the Church. Even at the 'ends of the world,' we read his works. We would do spiritual exercises with his texts, and he gave us life, he helped our spiritual lives.” 

Text from the video- "The foundation aims to keep alive the spirit that characterized the life and works of this Turin cardinal. They will create an archive that includes all of his writings and speeches. They will also continue his work in the field of inter-religious dialogue. As part of that, they've created bible groups for Christians and Jews. Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini was an expert on Bible studies and the New Testament. He also had a good reputation among clerical and cultural circles."

 It's frustrating that the captions for this video below are only available in Italian and I do hope that the English version will follow soon.

August 31 marks the first anniversary of the death of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, SJ.

The video above is the trailer for a new documentary about the late Cardinal Martini. 

The Italian version of the documentary premiered this week at the Venice Film Festival.

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