28th Sunday Ordinary Time 2013 Mass and Reflections

Scripture readings for today's Mass are here

Various reflections on the readings from St Louis Centre for Liturgy here.
including this extract below from John Foley S.J.on the types of gratitude to God's love shown in the readings.

"....The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola are based on this kind of response, especially the last exercise, called, “A Contemplation to Find God’s love.” When people on retreat realize, over time, how deeply they are loved, their desire is to give to the lover, to give, as a return.

Notice that this implies an adult relationship, not a child’s. An infant is filled with need after need after need, and it tells you all about them. 
The nine ungrateful lepers were like that. But adults want to give back as well as receive. Yes, even give to God....."

Ten Lepers - James C. Christensen- Source 

My earlier post this week on Gratitude.
Reflections from Edge of Enclosure here.

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