Back Home October 2013

Hi folks ! It feels strange to be home and after almost a month completely away from social media I'm nervous at the thought of blogging again !! Thanks to all for being patient with me.

For those of you with access to my FB page I've started to add a few photo albums of our trip across the Eastern Mediterranean taking in Lisbon, Malta, Ephesus, Istanbul, Yalta, Odessa, Athens and back home via Vigo, Spain. I'll post a few later on the blog too.

We only missed one port stop via tender at Mytilene due to stormy seas,and apart from a thorough drenching at Yalta in the afternoon, weather was exceptionally good and we had a wonderful holiday with so much to be thankful to God for and to reflect on.

I hope to get my head together in a couple of days and resume "proper" posts. 
Well, that's the general idea but then experience tells me that life so often has a way of subverting my finer intentions.

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 Looking forward to a new month and a fresh start...

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