End of October 2013 - Mid Week Music

Four lovely hymns by 
Bernadette Farrell...
Restless Is The Heart 
Restless is the heart until it comes to rest in you. All the earth shall remember and return to our God.
  Lord, you have been our refuge through all time,
from one generation to the next;
before the mountains were born, or the earth brought forth,
you are God, without beginning or end.

  To your eyes a thousand years are like a day,
no more than a watch in the night.
You sweep us away like a dream,
like the grass that springs green in the morning, but faded by night.

3. Make us know our life’s shortness
that we may gain true wisdom of heart.
In the morning, fill us with your love.

Paraphrase of Psalm 90

                                                                    Everyday God

                                                                All That Is Hidden 


If you would follow me,
follow where life will lead:
Do not look for me among the dead,
For I am hidden in pain, risen in love;
There is no harvest without sowing of grain.

All that is hidden will be made clear.
All that is dark now will be revealed.
What you have heard in the dark
proclaim in the light;
What you hear in whispers
proclaim from the housetops.
If you would honour me,
Honour the least of these:
You will not find me dressed in finery.
My Word cries out to be heard;
breaks through the world:
My Word is on your lips and lives in your heart. (Refrain)

If you would speak of me,
live all your life in me.
my ways are not the ways that you would choose;
my thoughts are far beyond yours,
as heaven from earth:
If you believe in me my voice will be heard. (Refrain)

If you would rise with me,
rise through your destiny:
do not refuse the death which brings you life,
for as the grain in the earth
must die for rebirth,
So I have planted your life deep within mine. (Refrain)

Let Nothing Trouble You

Let nothing trouble you or frighten you.
For the one who has God lacks nothing
Let nothing trouble you or frighten you. 
God alone, God alone, God alone is enough 

If God builds the house nothing will shake it;
neither the storm nor the raging tide.
For the one who builds lays the foundation;
strong as the earth, deep as the sea.

Be God's living stones, building God's temple;
shelter of light, with an open door.
Be the dwelling place of God's compassion;
where there is love, God will be there.

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