Update- Remembering Pope John XXIII

Sorry, If you are looking for the short video clip of the Cornish sea that was here, FB  removed it due to privacy settings but maybe it can be restored later. 
Que sera sera !!

So here's a bonus treat via the ever talented Brother Mickey McGrath via his FB page.

He says " today is the feast of my favorite Pope, John XXIII- who opened Vatican II on this day 51 years ago. He will be canonized next spring. Celebrate by bringing joy to the world, as he did..."

 Click here for more of Brother Mickey's art work at Bee Still Studios.

 and as I'm feeling bouyant (!), here's a great hymn I remember singing when I was younger called Colours of Day. 

It conveys the joy and excitement of faith, and the Vatican II spirit, something many say they are experiencing again, with Francis as Pope.
The choir singing in this gorgeous video were British finalists in the 2011 Schools Choir of The Years Hymn Competition
Lyrics are on screen

  From Vatican Radio 

"Gone down in history for having launched the Catholic Church into one of its most momentous epochs by calling the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, the lighter and more human side to his personality has largely been forgotten.

In this entertaining programme we bring you echoes of that era by sharing with you the witness of some of those who personally knew him, as well as Vatican Radio archive recordings of some of his talks including a very rare one in a rather stilted English."

Listen to this programme presented and produced by Veronica Scarisbrick.

Listen by clicking on the links  RealAudioMP3

or Click here http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2013/10/11/blessed_pope_john__had_a_marvellous_way_with_him..._/en1-736299

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