Last Days Of Advent 2013 Thoughts

I don't think it will be a white Christmas in Cornwall this year. The last few days have been extremely wet and windy and that trend looks set to continue into next week so we've been experiencing a strong dose of this......

Maybe it's the soft sound of angels wings or the trudge of shepherds and sheep, the donkeys, the camels or could it be all creation being stirred by the the Holy Spirit moving in this place ? :-)) 

But even in the absence of physical snow, it's still these sort of images and music that are holding me in my imagination today as I journey towards Christmas. 

The song below is a little early as we still have a few days left in Advent but like most blogger friends at this time, I'm trying to balance the urge for a final flurry of blog posting with preparations for the busy Christmas haul and sadly my energy stores are pretty much depleted and running near empty. I'll be posting the last few Christmas posts before Christmas Day so I can take some time away from the computer and social media in these last few days.




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