On Incarnation

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Advent 1994

"And John sent asking
Are You the One we are looking for?" 

We have so tinsel-towned the story
that God's inbreaking Love
ceases to amaze us.

We know the words so pat
The Angel declared
and Mary said. 

That God should so love the World
To seed, fruit, bear that Love
nine months
till she brought forth
The First born,
God's love manifest. 

What is it?
How is it?
To bear God's Love?

Easier to seek and name it outside
but to bear it humanwise
To see it in another's eyes
in the tenderness of lovers touch
in the intimacy of heart
through Emmanuel.

wished it so

Is it not amazing? 

The Word is made Flesh.

 Anne Hine RSCJ

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