A Pilgrim Tale and a Poem on Surrender

Today, I was delighted to come across a very talented New Zealand author by the name of Joy Cowley and I found her writings on spirituality particularly interesting.

I've pinched the text below from the You Tube site that accompanies the video below..

" By anyone's standards, Joy Cowley is a remarkable person. Born into a very ordinary background, she's become one of New Zealand's most celebrated authors. She's written more than 600 books for adults and children - including 500 reading books for children who are either learning early reading skills or who have reading difficulties. And that's one of her passions, helping people of all ages to read and to discover whether they, like her, have a talent for storytelling.

One of Joy's most recent projects has been to tell the story of Tarore, a young Maori girl murdered in the early nineteenth century, but whose love for the Gospel lived on long after her death. Tarore lived near Matamata in the Waikato, and it was there near the girls gravesite that Joy spoke to Allan Lee."

                            I've chosen two samples of her work: a long story and a poem.

and below is her poem," Surrender."

English: Paper cup
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God, I come before you
as empty as a paper cup,
waiting to be filled
with the wine of your presence.

Somewhere back along the road a bit,
I dropped all those things
I was going to offer you,
the doing, the giving, the praying.

I'll pick them up again later,
but right now,
it's just you and me, God,
and there's not much of me.

It's a good feeling
to be this empty, this open
to the amazing stillness of you,
not knowing how to name you
or the life you pour into me.

God, right now I feel so small
and yet so vast.
I can't say where I end
and you begin.

Joy Cowley from the book 'Psalms from Down Under'

If you thirst for more, click here for Joy's website.

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