Feed The Hungry Heart

I remember hearing Adrian Snell's music in the 80's, and his name cropped up in conversation recently with some others, along the lines of whatever happened to.... ?  so I decided to do a post on him.

                      Here's one of his songs from the '80's called Feed The Hungry Heart.

 I did a little searching and found that Adrian now works as a Music Therapist and Arts Therapy Consultant for children and adults with special needs at Three Ways School, Bath, and regularly visits a school in Korce, Albania.  

Three Ways School has 165 children and young people between ages 4 and 19 with a considerable range of special needs - learning difficulties, physical disabilities and behavioural problems. It is an extraordinary community and many of the students are profoundly responsive to sound and music within a therapeutic, relationship building context.
His work and music was featured in a special BBC Radio 4 programme at Three Ways School, Bristol in October last year, called "Fearfully and Wonderfully Made." 

Sadly, I missed the programme which is no longer on BBC i-player but this is an edited extract from the BBC website here.

"Adrian's music room at Three Ways is a world away from the concert stage and recording studio, but he says he has no regrets about his transition from international performer to music therapist. 'This has been the most important step in my career as a musician', he says, 'many of us describe music as 'the language of the heart'. 'In the world of special needs, where many of our children are either unable to communicate through the spoken word, or choose not to do so, the idea of music as a language takes on a deeper meaning.'

Adrian said "I find myself asking why are people with special needs so under represented in our churches and Christian communities? 

We have failed to offer a theology of inclusion, both practically and spiritually.

 One of the great privileges I have as a music therapist is that I am focusing on what our children and young people CAN do, beyond their limitations."

This is his moving promotional video "Fierce Love" showcasing his work with the children. Adrian's new album 'Fierce Love', was inspired by these kids and features the range of instruments he uses as a therapist.

and this is the official music video

Wonderful and powerful lyrics !

 You can read more on his life at his website here.

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