Funeral Blues and then Sunshine

Yesterday was draining. After attending a funeral service " to die for " with over three hundred attending I felt completely worn out.

Colin must have been feeling even more shattered as he had to help carry the coffin shoulder high as well as help meet  and greet everyone.

Two funerals in a month and we know so many people with life threatening illnesses who are fighting so hard at this time and need our prayers.

So this morning we went to St Ives for Mass and then had a lovely quiet lunch in the sunshine at Porthgwidden beach cafe. It was so good for Colin and I to just be together and be thankful for so much good life and many blessings.

I have taken this quote from the blogsite of A Capuchin Journey:

When all appears dead and our mood is wintry,a sign of spring is given us -all the more real and profoundly experienced because we have seen the worst.

Michael Casey (Toward God)

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