During the ninth month of the recession
                   closely cropped pictures of depression were taken
                   by almost everyone whose sole possession was a mobile phone.
                   It became a popular past time to paste the best on Facebook
                   where they lay as visceral wallpaper twittering behind heavily defended walls.
                   When the last fiscal stimulus of international crap had finally gone awry,
                   heads of state at first corrupt had then gone crazy
                   and whole populations voted to incarcerate them behind electronic gates
                   where they no longer were able to sap the spirit, intellect, character and will.
                   In the crisp cold air of the mall there was the making of a revolution.
                  On a worn velvet bible a presidential incantation
                  allowed the re-invention of a nation to slowly begin again.
                  The huddled masses made warmth beneath the statue
                  murmurs funnelled up  through  ascending pillars of incense
                  fulfilling promises that had been broken a million times before.

                 Copyright remains with me the author Philomena Ewing

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Colin Matthews said...

Wow ! Great Poem.

Should be sub-mitted to some book, or magazine, congrats x x x