Almost there

Well we are nearly at the end of 2009.

I am not a fan of reviews of life at this time of the year; way too big an undertaking so I take little steps forward and ask God to guide me.

However, as I was browsing the internet looking for something to say at the edge of the year I came across this excerpt from  a Television series called the Ascent of Man which featured Jacob Bronowski as the presenter. It is over thirty years old.

I remember watching this series and was mesmerised by it then and nothing has changed that 30 years on.

The man is an awesome presenter and some people may remember this particular excerpt which was immensely moving and still is.I was particularly struck this time with  the opening shots where a plane is flying over.

All of us alive in the last decade will know the ominous portent that this signalled for mankind on 9/11 in 2001 in New York, the consequences of which we are still living with.

The quotation at 4 minutes is a very profound one and although the excerpt is talks about science I feel that it can be applied on a much broader front to all our human arrogance in dealing with evil in the world.

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