Blue Moon on New Years Eve

The last time a blue moon coincided with New Year's Eve was in 1990.

The next opportunity will come in 2028.

Is this a celestial sign of a better decade to come?

It will not be literally blue; the term "blue moon" actually refers to when there are two full moons in a given calendar month, an astronomical rarity that occurs just seven times every 19 years, hence the famous phrase "once in a blue moon."

Photo: December's first full moon, as seen from Phoenix. Credit: Rob Schumacher / Associated Press

I shall be singing this with my arms around my partner Colin tomorrow night- looking up at the moon ( Two minutes into the video you get the Spanish words as seen below with the English translation)

A luna esta en el cielo
con todas las estrellas
brillando muy illuminante

The moon is in the heavens
with all of the stars
shining so brightly


Gerry Boyd said...

I saw you standing alone.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Gerry,
Thanks for visiting- Happy New Year to you whenever it comes your way in the USA.
Good link too to the song. I will find the song on You Tube and put it on.