Cardinal Bertone Gets it Wrong

No sooner than I declared I would be taking a break from commenting on  the " goings on" in my Church for a while when this news appears from Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone !! (shown below left)

I have put a link to Fr. Austin's blog A Concord Pastor Comments
where you can read about the latest dismal gaffe and there is also a link here to a  sensible balanced response from James Martin S.J.

Thank you Fr Austin for your monitoring on this.

Thankfully the Vatican too seems to  have distanced itself from the remarks as it's damage limitation team must be working overtime these days and also the Catholic Church in England and Wales  has shown some sense at last in quickly refuting Bertone's rant  : See BBC report from today.

This response from The Guardian Newspaper  is also worthy of a read as are the readers comments that follow on from the article.
And finally my own view for what its worth ;

The One and Only thing that Cardinal Bertone should be bothered about  is that there's a connection between involvement in the Roman Catholic Church and child abuse and he should not be blaming homosexuality for that.

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Brad Evans said...

Then why are there a disproportionate number of gays in the clergy?
This is true for churches that allow married (and re-married)clergy as well as those that demand celibacy.