Maundy Thursday 2010

Today is Maundy or Holy Thursday. The word Maundy means "command"/mandate and we celebrate the Last Supper of Jesus with His disciples and The washing of the Feet.

It is hard to get my head around the fact that despite Jesus already knowing that Judas and Peter would betray him and that all the disciples would soon desert him, He sits down and eats with them, institutes the Eucharist (gives them His body and blood for all time) and commands them to love one another as he loves them and commands them to wash each others feet in imitation of Him, to lead others by service.
How awesome a love is that ?

Ronald Rolheiser explains the significance of Jesus stripping off his outer garments before He washes the disciples feet in a wonderful post here.

Below is one of my favourite hymns."This is my Body".
The recording quality is not very good and the video itself is just one static image but it is the only half decent one I can find.
It was recorded in The University of East Anglia, Norwich,UK.

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claire said...

Yes, it is an awesome love, Phil :-)