All Aboard

Now  to bore every one to death with our holiday photos !! Cruising from Southampton on the Independence of the Seas for 10 days to Funchal, Madeira, then The Canary Islands, stopping at Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Arrecife, Lamzarote and then to Vigo in Spain and back to Southampton.

All aboard. UK weather hence the coats.

The dining room staff entertained us with songs most nights.

A big boat as you can see.Five laps aroung the running track = 1 mile. I walked one lap.

Surfing the wave on the boat - not me !

 Shorts on-now it;s hot.

Madeira market stalls 

Approach to Funchal harbour Madeira.They have worked hard to get the port front back to normal after the awful floods earlier this year.

St Francis Statue in park at Madeira

Handsome fellow posing for his photo

And another handsome fellow doing the same-our ship is in the background.

Logano, a lovely town about 30 mins on the tram inland from Santa Cruz  in Tenerife.

Santa Cruz Tenerife

This statue at the harbour in Santa Cruz is awesome but I didn't find out its significance.

View of Santa Cruz Tenerife leaving the harbour.

Earl our stateroom attendant from Jamaica who called Colin Mr Bond throughout !!

Las Palmas harbour Gran Canaria. and below the beach where we sunbathed

Back on board for more and more sun.

 Beautiful sunset as we head for Lanzarote.

The dining room staff from the Phillipines show us how to surf the proper way.

 Narjendra our Indian waiter who always smiled.

 The tan is developing nicely now.

 On board entertainment was fantastic.

The ship has its own shopping mall and lifts take you to 14 floors and there is a beautiful theatre

Vigo Harbour Spain.This port is said to be so big that it all the navy ships  of the world could fit inside it.
Vigo is part of the Galicia region of Spain and has historic links with the Celtic people of Ireland.

 Jules Verne author statue. He spent much time here,

Many Cities have these wonderful types of large sculpures and this one is a treat.

Back to the ship after a great day in this beautiful part of Spain.

Views of the huge harbour at Vigo as we depart for the home trip to Southampton.

A selection of the wonderful art of towel origami courtesy of Earl - a different creation every night.

Now back to the serious business of  eating.
They reckon you put on a pound of weight a day on this cruise ship !!

Putting on the gald rags for the formal evenings
(only two).

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