Article by Mary Condren

This is a revealing article  by Mary Condren in today's Irish Times ( Monday 27.07.10) which is well worth reading.

Dr Mary Condren lectures at the Centre for Gender and Women’s Studies in Trinity College Dublin, and is Director of the Institute for Feminism and Religion. Link is here


ROBERTA said...

great article!

colkoch said...

But the clerics continued their deliberations. What would happen if a pregnant woman came to be ordained? If her foetus turned out to be a male child, would apostolic succession automatically pass on to him? Would funeral or Eucharistic rites “take” if a woman priest happened to be menstruating?

The arguments raged until a cartoon appeared in the national newspapers. A male cleric was depicted asking the Lord whether he should resign. The Lord replied: “Think of your salary my son.”

I admit it, I burst out laughing. The Lord sure knows how to deal with men. The Lord is wise.

Philomena Ewing said...

Welcome Colleen- good to have you visit and thank you for your comment- it made me laugh.
It surely is a mad mad world we live in and for now it still is a Man's world in the Catholic church, no matter how "they" ( well,many of them apart from the goodies), try to deviously manipulate and convince us otherwise.
By the way, with a name like Colleen I have to ask:) - are you Irish or have you Irish connections ? Your full name is intriguing me.

claire said...

It is good to spread her article because she has so much to say on all this, when so many talk without knowing much really.

Thanks again.