Enhora Buena Espana Vamos

Congratulations to Spain this evening for their brilliant performance and  semi-final win against Germany in the World Cup Soccer tonight. 
( Spain 1 : Germany 0). 

It is the first time Spain have reached the World Cup Final in their history. Fantastic !!

Having lived in Spain for several months for the last few years I can tell you that the Spanish know how to party so the streets will  be teeming , music and dancing will continue all night and the car horns will be blaring - if anyone gets a good night's sleep over the next few days it will be a miracle !!

Anyone who would like to check back through my blog posts will see that I did fancy Spain right from the start and also gave Netherlands and Germany as strong possibilities so I wasn't far off-  now I wish I had put money on it.

I am delighted to share in the good company of Paul the psychic octopus who has also predicted with great accuracy so far.

My Final Prediction  
Spain to win .  Result ???    

I reckon it will be :   Spain 2 : Holland 1

Vamos !!
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Barbara said...

I must confess that I always root for the Germans. I lived in Hamburg for two years, married to a German who played football/soccer when he was at school and working on a merchant ship. I like their discipline and skill. I don't know what happened when they played Spain, but Spain certainly deserved to win. They were in control of the ball most of the time! Spain is also likely to win the Cup. I am glad the Netherlands is in the final as well.
Once that German team gets a bit more experience under their belt, they will do even better next time.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Barbara,
When we were in Spain there were loads of Germans there- many drive the long journey to Spain for the summer months and in the region of the Costa Blanca there were many holiday homes owned by Germans. We met and made some good friends there and despite my complete lack of German I still enjoy their humour !!
It must have been really hard for them last night as they have played so well throughout the tournament and I think they just were overwhelmed by Spain but as you say, they are a very young team.

Barbara said...

I am happy you had a positive experience with the German tourists along what some call "the Teutonic grill". They used to be a clannish and boisterous lot when on vacation. I have mixed feelings about the German culture. I feel quite comfortable speaking German (once I get into it again!), kind of like taking my shoes off compared to French! Speaking a bit of German (not being perfect in their language doesn't seem to bother them because they aren't either!) helps one to see their sympatisch side.