Modern Day Beatitudes


A while back I did posts on each of the Beatitudes but I somehow forgot to publish this one, a Modern Day Version.

It was lurking as a draft so here it is, a bit out of kilter, just like myself at  times.

This is from  the Australian Pallottines ( Who ??! -  Google it!)

Beatitudes for Modern Times 

Blessed are those who seek more authentic ways 
of being Church in the world today,
they are my witnesses. 
Blessed are those who strive to live 'in communion' 
in their endeavours to build community,
they are my people.
Blessed are those who struggle for justice 
within oppressive structures,
they are my prophets in today's world.
Blessed are those who strive to live according to my Gospel 
rather than societal values, 
they are my heralds in this land.
Blessed are those whose hearts are bent on serving,
rather than being served,
they are my true servants. 
Blessed are those in whose hearts my law is written,
they are my friends. 
Blessed are those who seek humility and act with integrity
as the Church's mission is redefined 
and the call to partnership is heeded, 
they are my stewards.
Blessed are those whose ministry is of healing
and reconciliation in a broken and fragile world, 
they are my peacemakers.

H.T to St Anne's Blog for the prayer here 

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Tim said...

Phil, how wonderful! I'm copying this and putting it away for repeated revisits. It gets to the nub of every teaching! Thank you.


Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Tim,
I am so glad that you found this useful especially as I nearly forgot I had it. I agree it is a little gem !!