The White Pebble

There's a wonderful metaphor in the Bible [Revelation 2:17] about "a white pebble".

" Let the one who has an ear hear what the spirit says to the congregations: To him that conquers I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white pebble, and upon the pebble a new name written which no one knows except the one receiving it."

The metaphor explained.
"You have three selves:
The person that you think you are, 
the person that other people think you are, 
and the person that God thinks you are. 
The white pebble represents the latter. 
And of the three, it is by far the most important."

"When life gets really tough, just remember the white pebble. 
Just remember who you really are. 
Just remember the person that only God can see."

H/T Hugh MacLeod Gaping Void

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