Five for The Start of Autumn Weekend

Technically it is not the beginning of Autumn until September 23rd but with the Autumn leaves beginning to turn and fall these songs set the mood for the seasons change and the long encroaching I'll warn you that these selections tend towards the unashamedly wistful.

We are still lamenting the end of summer - we know we have to let it go. 
But first a little music to get us started on our way.......................................... 

First up is a lovely version of the classic September Song by Willie Nelson

There are two songs in one video here : Andrea Bocelli with a shortened September Morn and I Can't Help Falling in Love With You. Some of the shots of couples singing along to the second song in the audience are just  wonderful.

Nat King Cole keeps us in the romantic mood with my fourth choice Let There be Love

My last choice is one amazing song, Who Knows Where The Time Goes,  written by Sandy Denny and here performed with  Fairport Convention and covered by many artists including Eva Cassidy, Nina Simone, Nanci Griffith. 

It is for me one of the most beautiful songs in the world : birds fly south, winter beckons and we all get ready to curl up by the fire.

We are not quite ready for switching on the central heating yet in the UK but the mood of this is quintessentially Autumn.

Have a great weekend everybody !!

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