Nine Year Anniversary of 9/11

Today, September 11, 2010 marks the nine-year anniversary of 9/11. 
Arguments  about the "Cordoba Mosque" continue and for some reason this year it seems that this year's commemoration  day is more contentious than before. 
It seems that anti -Muslim feeling is running high in many quarters. 
I am saddened that what should be a space for remembrance and honour of the victims of September 11th has degenerated into a battleground for yet more hate, intolerance and extremism. 
This remarkable article in today's Huffington post  entitled "Will We Ever Be One Again?" says it all for me  and the fact that it is written by a retired US Air Force Major makes the views expressed even more trenchant.

When it comes to prayer nobody does it better than Fr. Austin Fleming  at Concord Pastor comments. This is his prayer for today

Let us pray...

Gracious God,

All good gifts come from your hand,
and into our clumsy grasp
you entrust the precious realities
of life, justice and peace.

We remember this day
how fragile is the gift of peace
and how vulnerable are we
in each other’s hands.

We remember those who died
and those who mourn their loss...

We remember those whose courage
gave us a new model for bravery...

We remember those who gave their lives
in their efforts to save others...

We remember that day, that sunny morning
when the borders of our nation
were broken through to the depths of our hearts...

We remember and we pray
for the healing and peace
that only you can give
and that we must share...

Bring us to the day, O God,
when war is but a memory
and peace our way of life...

Bring us to the day, O God,
when the harvest of justice
will nourish the people of all nations...

Hasten the advent of that day, O God
and let our pride not stand in its way...

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Further reports and commentary
Click here for an article by Joseph Daniels, president and CEO of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, a nonprofit organization that is responsible for the design and operation of the memorial at the World Trade Center site.
All I pray for today is that we stand still away from evil and choose this  day to remember and honour those who were killed, those who have served,  those who are still serving and for all innocent people whose lives have been turned upside down by this evil act.

The scripture readings for the Ordinary Mass of today can be found here

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