Two BBC Programmes on The Pope Worth Your Time

The award-winning Catholic journalist Mark Dowd,  who is giving the inaugural Independent Catholic News lecture at Heythrop College next Monday evening,  will be presenting two radio and television programmes about the Church over the next few days.

In The Pope's British Divisions, this Thursday, 9th September at 9am and again at 9pm,  on BBC Radio 4, he will investigate changes in Britain's Catholic community since the last Papal visit in 1982, and the consequences of these changes for wider society. 
He will ask if the Church's once-strong liberal wing is becoming a minority as British Catholics heed Benedict's call for a smaller, purer church and he will examine the influence of the Catholic Church on public life in the UK.

As Mark tests the fault lines of British Catholic identity, he visits a Vatican-approved Mass for gay Catholics and meets fellow Catholics who want this special Mass to be shut down. He investigates the new breed of 'Radical Traditionalists' who campaign for traditional Latin church rites and are scathing of modern 'pick and mix' Catholicism; and he talks to their liberal opponents who fear a conservative takeover of their Church.

In Benedict: Trials Of A Pope on BBC Two, at 7pm, next Wednesday, 15 September,   Mark Dowd goes in search of the real Joseph Ratzinger. 
This is a man who was the darling of liberals in the Second Vatican Council but who is now the champion of traditionalists. 
This is a journey that takes him from the papal homeland of Bavaria to the heart of the Vatican itself. Mark will explore how the current clerical abuse crisis has dogged the Pope's mission to combat western secularism.
The programme also features a rare interview with the Pope's brother, Georg Ratzinger, who tells the BBC how his brother has been affected by recent scandals. 
Mark also profiles the recently formed Catholic media group  'Catholic Voices'.

Both programmes should also be available online on the BBC's playback facility.
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claire said...

Hello, Phil,

Your blog continues to be filled with fabulous documents, illustrations, videos...

I have noticed too that an Anglican clergywoman will greet Pope Benedict during his visit to Britain. This delights me :-)

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Claire,
thanks for the compliments and I am always grateful for your support and interest in what I am trying to do. Keeping up with the media reports ahead of the papal visit has been interesting and also amusing to see the way they are steering through the controversies,without being accused of bias of which we all know there are so many to choose from !
It has also brought a rash of UK blog commentaries which keeps me occupied.