Alice, The Lady at Number 6, Dancing Underneath The Gallows

Alice Herz -Sommer is the oldest Holocaust survivor in the world.  

She will be 107 on November 26th and she continues to lead a remarkably active life, filled with music. her studies, her friends and her family who visit daily.

This is an official Trailer for a new documentary short about her and the testimony is both  moving and inspiring.
"Every day," she says, as her 107th birthday approaches, "is beautiful." 
She describes how music was the only thing that allowed her and her fellow concentration camp prisoners to have hope. 
Despite having lost her family in the holocaust, her faith and inspiration is the most clear when she says "I was always laughing, even there I was laughing."
She says, even after surviving the camps, where she was imprisoned with her young son, "I never hate, and I will never hate," she says. "Hatred brings only hatred."
Watching this trailer will give you 12 minutes  that will lift your spirits.
Alice will celebrate her 107th birthday this month. God bless you Alice. 
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ROBERTA said...

dear phil,
i'm always amazed by our connection. just yesterday my spiritual director recommended that i look up this youtube video to watch! and i turned on my computer this morning and behold you had delivered this angel right to me:)

thank you my dear...

Philomena Ewing said...

Welcome Roberta,
Likewise -and it is that time of year when strange events can happen !
Seriously, this is not the first time we have "synchronised". Do you think it is that Celtic bond that ties us ? I love it !!
The video really is uplifting , isn't it ?
If you read my post on All Saints Day you will see that something similar happened with Fran Rossi and myself -all weird and so wonderful !!

Blessings to you !