Third Week of Advent

God comes, and his ways are near to us.
God saves in history.
Each person’s life, each one’s history,
is the meeting place to which God comes.

How satisfying to know one need not go to the desert
to meet him,
need not go to some particular spot in the world.
God is in your own heart.
* * *
Who will put a prophet’s eloquence into my words
to shake from their inertia
all those who kneel before the riches of the earth –
who would like gold, money, lands, power, political life
to be their everlasting gods?


All that is going to end.
There will remain only the satisfaction of having been,
in regard to money or political life,
a person faithful to God’s will.


One must learn to manage the relative and transitory
things of earth according to his will,
not make them absolutes.

There is only one absolute: he who awaits us
in the heaven that will not pass away.

Oscar Romero, 10 December, 1978

Be silent. 
Be still. 
Wait before your God. 
Say nothing. 
Ask nothing. 
Be still. 
Let your God look upon you 
That is all. 
God knows. 
God understands 
God loves you with an enormous love. 
God only wants to look upon you with love. 

Let your God love you.
                                                                       Edwina Gateley

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