You were made to choose
What you look for
You will find
Look for barren emptiness
It is there
Look for cynical meanderings
And you will wander those weary roads
Or you may look for wonder and beauty
The fingerprints of grace
On every rock
Every frond of fern
Every wisp of mist
In the shy smile
Of a little girl
In a teardrop channeled down the dirty lines
Of an old man’s face
In a whispered prayer from a worn out woman whose faith flickers
And is almost gone
Let me draw it all across the miracle of vision
And it will light up your soul
I will place eternity inside
This moment
I made you for just this tender thing
I made you
For all of this
I made you
For me
 This is from a collection of poems by Chris Goan  compiled over a ten year period exploring themes of community, family, faith, humanity, wilderness and mission. Inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins poem 'Christ Plays In Ten Thousand Places',  Chris opens up those moments in everyday life and experience that are somehow graced.


ROBERTA said...

love this one!
you bring such beauty into our lives phil.

Philomena Ewing said...

Hi Roberta !
It is great to have you visit here as always. Thank you for your fulsome praise !!