Go Franciscans and Ireland's Woes Through The Lens Of Art

Ennis, County Clare, Ireland is where I was born and where I spent my early childhood and as anyone who is Irish knows , the pangs of home are always calling. A couple of news items caught my eye today:

The economic crisis in Ireland has made for a gloomy holiday season for many there. It is especially tough in Limerick, County Clare the city that featured in Frank McCourt's memoir "Angela's Ashes." The poverty, unemployment and deprivation portrayed in the book are still evident in the suburb of Moyross. And that is exactly why a group of men from NewYork have moved in. Not just any men though- they are Franciscan friars based in the Bronx. ( Not monks as the video says - Franciscans are NOT monks !!)

In the second video the fiscal crisis in Ireland is seen through the eyes of the country's artists: Brian McCarthy ,a painter who has created controversial images of Ireland as a third world country, as a post-apocalyptic land and as a people rising up in revolution; a stage performer/slash economist who has taken a one man show "BoomTown" about the crisis on the road to huge acclaim and popularity.

The Irish Independent described one of the paintings as 'a dark portrait of a troubled nation' and since the exhibition, they have appeared in several newspapers, including a mention in the Washington Post.

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