New Anglican Ordinariate

Details of the New Anglican Ordinariate can be found here in Catholic Herald
and from here is the full text of A Statement from the General Secretary of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

If you want to explore further commentaries there are a whole raft of them below.

Personally I think it sucks !! 
More gay bashing anti-women priests we do not need !!
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Fran said...

I can't even talk about it. It makes me feel sick, truly sick to my stomach.

Meredith Gould said...

With you on this one 200%!

Philomena Ewing said...

I feel just the same way as you; I was unsure what to post about it because of that !!
It's great to have your support .
Thank you both so much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing all of this Phil. I really want to go through it and read it all but my first impression is not good. How could they continue to stay in the dark..we must pray to the Spirit. We must pray that Wisdom breathes her holy breath on them and that they will finally 'open the windows and let the fresh air in'.

Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks for this Andie.Since posting this yesterday the media and others have made a lot of it; some good some bad. The responses seem to follow the usual varied path of indifference, hostility to anything the churches do,despair that the church will now never change where it needs to, to some sort of triumphalism that the old order of pre Vatican II Catholicism is well on its way back. I agree with you by the way- so I'm praying for change !

Word in the Hand said...

Hi Philomena - just followed you through from Claire's site

No-one stops the Spirit Philomena - she just finds different ways and different people. Closing windows, hiding in the dark, didn't work at Pentecost - if she wants you - I always remember Edwina Gately telling how she was pursued.
Very little point in listening or taking note of the media who would only want the sensational viewpoint anyway.
I feel sad for the Anglicans being so afraid that they are happy to be enclaved into a Church they won't truly join - a bit like painting stripes on a donkey so that it can join a herd of zebra. Sad that their liturgical rites and writings are more important thatreal flesh and blood and even more sad that the Roman Catholic hierarchy is putting it self up as some sort of hero saving them from a 'very bad world'.
Well, Roman Catholic hierarchy - it's the world we live in and the world that Christ walks in and the people the Anglicans and RC 'traditionalists' are trying to get away from are the very people Christ walks with. Might help if they read scripture.
Sorry for going on Philomena - have to admit I was struck speechless for a couple of days myself.
blessings on all sisters in Christ

Philomena Ewing said...

Thanks for visiting and your comments- most welcome too. I have spent a couple of days looking at the various viewpoints and also trying to discern the way forward for me personally.
Today I have been saddened and angered at some of the power plays, scorn and vitriol poured on people who oppose it. I agree with you that there is denial going on about what the true issues are- a lot to do with power. Also there are issues for me around those Catholic priests who have left to marry and who can't carry out their ministry who should be re-ordained and I think this is awful for them.
I like your donkey zebra analogy very much and it gave me a lift !
Yes, I agree that we need revival and all I can think of is that just like Galileo in a few hundred years the Church will publicly apologise for its errors over women in priestly ministry and for its stance on homosexuality.
Your words on the Holy Spirit are lovely and true too, but no doubt there are some who will claim as theirs these present changes are due to The Holy Spirit too!
Many thanks for your kindness and support-it means a great deal.


Word in the Hand said...

Most likely - and maybe She is trying to point out - pretty well in words of one syllable at the moment - how ridiculous all this containment and battening down hatches is.
The ministry isn't in the halls of power - it's in the work we do - and we women are priest by the Love we show not the clothes we wear. AS someone who is part of a Catholic Women's ordination group I know how hard that is to bear but being who God wants to the people God sends you has its own rewards.+