Poetry 2011 Two

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And this is love—
The vertigo of Heaven
Beyond the cage of words,
Suddenly to be naked
In the searchlight of truth . . .
Music of the Sky: An Anthology of Spiritual Poetry

Love Never Fails

I have fallen between the cracks
and landed in the spaces
where love never fails 

Beloved, you are my captor
and I am bound by your love
I hear you whisper softly
don’t speak. words fail here, just listen
churning on the seas of your desire

I am the rising and the falling
the beginning and the ending
the fullness and the emptiness
journey to the furthest point of your yearning
I am the anguish and the exaltation

I am the grain of sand awakening the pearl
I am the morsel you are tasting
be it bitter or sweet
quench your deepest thirst here
where you think I’m not
I Am.

By Beth Atchison

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