Friday Music : Friday Five

I've posted a lot of words this week, probably too many ! 
Is it just me, or has this been a particularly unsettling week across the world ( ?)- shootings in the USA, floods in Australia, Brazil, and Sri Lanka, civil unrest and more shootings in Tunisia and  Algeria, the first anniversary of the Haiti earthquake with so much in that country that  still needs to be done.
So to finish the week here is some music that I hope will soothe and take us gently into the weekend....
First up, from NPR site: something a little bit different :

"Ballake Sissoko and Vincent Segal met by chance. Sissoko is from Mali and plays the traditional West African harp-like instrument called the kora. Segal was once a member of the French National Orchestra cello section.
They had no idea what might happen if they started jamming together — just the two of them with their contrasting instruments from divergent traditions. The result is music of quiet beauty — and a new album titled simply Chamber Music.
Sissoko's roots are in Mali and the traditions of the West African griot — a kind of wandering historian, musician, poet and praise singer all wrapped into one. The art of the griot is passed down from generation to generation
It's the simple pairing of these two quiet instruments and the soulful playing — in all of its disguised complexity — that makes a powerful impression and makes you smile."


Number Two is from The Penguin Cafe Orchestra which  has been described as catering for an audience "capable of enjoying Wilson Pickett, Beethoven, the Rolling Stones, choral music from West Africa, Stravinsky, Irish bagpipe music and even Abba on the odd occasion. This is a beautifully mellow piece called Still Life..

Number Three is Many Rivers To Cross sung by the wonderful UB 40. 

Number Four 

Harry Nilsson ( was this really 1969 ?!!) singing Everybody's Talkin'

Last One, Number Five and hey, I'll  finish with another one from Nilsson ..
This is surely one of the greatest love songs and such a beautifully and softly sung  version of "As Time Goes By.." 

Hope you enjoy the choice and have a peaceful weekend..
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Anonymous said...

Thanks Phil, an interesting and lovely progression of music. I must admit, I was in tears by the last one. But it is a reminder of the journey that we are on...pilgrims.